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STUDIO ALBAE is a creative consultancy dedicated to healthy Interior Design.


STUDIO ALBAE means the studio of the dawn. The Studio was born after years of travels, people and homes encounters, mainly around the Mediteranean, from Levant to Atlantic. 

STUDIO ALBAE is beyond a classical interior design practice. It believes in harmony, that Interiors should be sensitive to occupant, building and the surrounding environment. Inspired by Nature, Color therapy and Feng Shui, its conception leads to Soothing Interiors. 


A soothing elegance : starring shades and subtle contrasts, the Studio guides to intimate atmospheres, poetic, sleek and refined. It favors matt and powdery color palettes in delicate natural and smoky tones, and carefully mixes contemporary, ethnic and history features.  

In line with the activity, STUDIO ALBAE has designed first products for the Home. The collection attests of its travels influences and asserts its choice for natural materials and their raw but finely worked appearance. A series of surface patterns completes the creations. 


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03 The Soothing Design

Working in the field of Color therapy, Alkalinity and Energy flows, STUDIO ALBAE has developed a specific interior designing : the Soothing Design. 

The guiding principle : combining STYLE and WELL-BEING inside a space.

Why is that? A statement : interiors have deep and pervasive effects on our well-being and state of mind. Therefore, based on the observation that we spend over three quarters of our existence in enclosed places (home, offices, shops.…), the STUDIO has set effective and suitable solutions to increase the quality of life within a home or an office.

To this end, the layout and general arrangement of spaces, the choice of materials and of suitable color schemes are concerned. Ultimately, in our interiors, air, lights and energy freely flow.


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