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STUDIO ALBAE means the studio of the dawn. As a rebirth, it rejuvenates the sleeping, congested tired old dwelling, giving a new lease of life and clarity. The Studio was born after years of travels, people and homes encounters, mainly in Europe, Africa and around the Mediteranean. Related lifestyle and esthetics are its identity.  

A unique approach

STUDIO ALBAE believes in harmony, that Interiors should be sensitive to occupant, building and the surrounding environment. Therefore it seeks to create coherence in homes and focuses on the quality of materials and on specific interior arrangements.



The Studio is fully supporting the principle of sustainability. In order to preserve our heritage, reduce nocive impacts and increase comfort at home, it has strengthened its commitment regarding the choice of materials, suppliers, not to mention craftsmen who are perpetuating traditional know-how. 


STUDIO ALBAE can undertake all aspects of interiors design, from a complete refurbishment or merely refreshing a couple of rooms, initiating from space planning phase to installation.

Your interior doesn’t fit with you anymore, we will help according to your needs to : (1) reorganize and arrange the place, (2) give it a new style or (3) enhance interior spaces in a context of sale. Estimation and prices on request.


Meet - Research: brainstorming and preparation - Create: space planning - Concept: overall ideas and style - Design: layout and selections - Finalize: present and finalize design - Procurement - Install.


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